Here at Birch Farm we offer Ballet Classes for children from 2½years three times a week, and Ballet and Tap lessons twice a week for school age children.  Our classes operate as a termly course with payment required in advance. We are happy to do a trial session just ring and ask to speak to Mini.

Miss Rebecca has been a registered dance teacher for several years. She has been running weekly ballet, tap and modern jazz classes in a Suffolk Dance school. She also teaches ballet and creative dance to a nursery. She studied at the Arts Educational School in London before embarking on a professional dance career in which she performed in shows all over the world. Rebecca then settled in East Anglia to become a dance teacher which she finds very rewarding.

Dance is an extremely important part of a child’s physical education. Through dance your child’s self confidence will increase and they will be encouraged to use their bodies as a means of expression. Dance can help develop learning and help achieve essential skills, such as, 
co-ordination, balance and control, which are all needed throughout life in order to assist in the everyday activities that we are required to perform. The classes will be imaginative, varied and above all lots of fun!
Whatever level of ability the children enter the classes, they will be sympathetically encouraged to acquire the various skills of dance, progressing through the levels of attainment and above all experiencing the enjoyment of dance created by Rebecca's inspiration.

All fee's are payable termly, payment method, Cash or Cheque payable to Miss R Willsher

We operate a first come first served waiting list for ballet and tap lessons should our classes be full. If you wish to discuss availability of classes please contact Mini.
We offer the following classes:
  1:30pm - 2pm Beginner £4 per lesson
  2pm -2:45pm Intermediate £4.30 per lesson
  3pm-3:30pm Beginner £4 per lesson
  Ballet and Tap 4pm - 5pm School age £5.15 per lesson

 2pm-2:30pm Beginner £4 per lesson
  2:30pm - 3:15pm Intermediate £4.30 per lesson
  3:15pm - 3:45pm Beginner £4 per lesson
Ballet and Tap 4pm - 5pm School Age £5.15 per lesson

 9:30am -10am Beginner £4 per lesson
10am -10:45am Intermediate £4.30 per lesson
  10:45am - 11:15am Beginner £4 per lesson
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