Holiday Club

Birch Farm operate a holiday club following the Hintlesham term dates but not including PD days. Our Barnaby's holiday club operates in two groups.

We offer care for children from 2 years 6 months up to 5 years in our Badgers group  (these children join our pre-school children in Owls) and 5 years and above, up to and including 10 years in our Racoon's group.

The children have a variety of activities in which to participate children are able to participate in planning and add post it notes to the planning board for things they want to take part in .

Barnabys is open every school holiday. Booking may be made for a day, days or full weeks on a first come first served basis. Conformation will be sent upon receipt of the booking forms at the bottom of this page and an invoice forwarded to you for payment.   New children will also be asked to complete an All about me and a registration form separately. 
Image of Birch Farm Holiday Club Games Area
Image of Birch Farm Holiday Club Small World Area
Barnabys Racoon's holiday club has two rooms and many facilities within that the children have full use of at all times including the barn and playground. In Barnabys, here is an idea of some resources/toys that the children have free access too at all times: 
• Arts and crafts
• Messy play
• Cosy area that includes books, cushions and a large sofa
• Hama beads, loom bands. 
• Threading 
• Mark making activities 
• Role play area  
• Wii 
• A variety of board games for all ages
• Small world and construction area that includes a dolls house, cars, knex, lego, blocks, figures etc. 
 Click the Holiday form you would like. 
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