Owls  is our pre-school age group for children aged 3 years  to school age. The children have the opportunity to gently settle into a more formal educational routine, concentrating on the essential social disciplines, working both individually in small and large groups.  We provide a selection of child initiated, and adult led activities with curriculum following the Early Years Foundation Stage, more specific details on the activities undertaken can be found in the curriculum page. [Click Here].

Birch Farm Owls Pre-School Group area
Owls playroom offers a variety of learning opportunities and is divided into a large messy play area, along with sections for  maths, writing and role play .  We have a discovery area which is home to our fish, stick insects  and our  large electronic magnifier giving children the opportunity to explore the world around them.  Our comfortable literacy room is  available which offers children the chance to work in  small groups or providing a quiet area for a nap.  

Owls pre-school room leads directly into our outdoor classroom and looks out onto our nature garden. Last year we installed a bird box with a camera in and we found our children started to gain an interest in learning about our wildlife. 

We have class registration time every day with children being encouraged to add their name to our board, look at the days of the week and the weather helping to further develop an independence ready for school.

In preparation for school,  children in Owls have their lunch served in the café.  This gives children time to get used to the concept of going to a different room for lunch as this will  happen when they start school.  We have a nominated lunch monitor with their role being to serve lunch and dessert to their friends, giving children a sense of responsibility boosting their confidence and leadership skills. 

The term after your child turns 3 years old they are entitled to 15 hours free funding and some are entitled to 30 hours free funding to find out more about this [Click Here]

During your child's time in Owls a member of staff will be allocated to your child a s a key person.  A key person is a named member of staff who is responsible for a small group of children providing reassurance supporting children's wellbeing, responding sensitively to individual feelings and emotional needs in a safe and caring environment.  The key person also ensures a child's physical needs are met such as toileting and help with dressing. 

 This person will provide a familiar figure who is accessible and available as a point of contact for parents building effective relationships between child, parent and nursery. We believe it is very important to maintain a regular team of staff to ensure that the children  can develop a close and secure relationship throughout their day at nursery.  We do not use agency staff but we do ensure that all staff spend time with all children on site through playing in the garden together, birthday gatherings and using each others rooms.
Birch Farm Owls Pre-School Construction Area

Birch Farm Owls Pre-School puzzle and game area
Progress is monitored and recorded to assess that children are achieving in all areas and are charted in the individual  Learning Journeys.  Observations made by staff and photographs of your child's nursery experiences will be added to the Learning Journey folder which will follow your child throughout their time at nursery.  The Learning Journey will contain regular progress reports, termly reports written jointly by parents and staff with a record sheet that is completed when a child leaves Birch Farm and progresses on to school. 

Your child's Leaning Journey is always available for parents to view at our parent consultation sessions each term or other times by request. We operate  a "WOW" Moment achievement system within nursery setting.  This helps to promote good links with children's interests at home and in nursery allowing staff to plan activities ensuring a seamless link.  

If you wish to add comments to your child's Learning Journey a "WOW" Moment box for you to pop your observations into and this is available in Owls or you can [Click Here] to submit "WOW" Moment

Whilst observing children we identify their present schema which is an identifiable pattern of learning.  Often children will have one dominant schema throughout their lives, but may engage with others taking them into adulthood. When planning for children  staff will incorporate aspects of their current learning abilities and interest.  Schemas can be supported in all areas of learning,  meaning that they support the Early Years Foundation Stage. If you would like to know more about schemas [Click Here] more information. 

Children in Owls also have the chance to participate in extra curricular activities if you choose to do so. We have weekly swimming lessons available for children from 3 yrs with our water based instructors, this is a formal lesson following the Swim England programme for more about our swim lessons [Click Here] . Children can also attend our on site ballet lessons staff will drop-off and collect from Miss Rebecca's  ballet lessons [Click Here] for more information.
Birch Farm Owls Pre-School Mathematics and Sorting area

To arrange a viewing of the nursery please contact Mini or Nikki .
 If you would like to join us here at Birch Farm you will need to complete a Owl's registration pack.
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