Rabbit's is our baby room for children aged from 6 weeks to 18 months/ 2 years. Each baby will be encouraged, through play, how to enjoy the world around them and be helped to interact with others whilst playing, for example learning to share. Our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, more specific details on the EYFS and our extra curricular activities can be found in the curriculum page. [Click Here]. Children move from here to Foxes when they are physically and emotionally ready to do so.  This varies for individual children but is generally from 20-22 months.

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Our baby zone contains a main carpeted room in which we offer a  sensory, young  baby area as well as providing role play toys  and a large spacious area for physical development. Our  attached conservatory  provides a place for messy play and leads onto to our  baby friendly outdoor area.
Our flexible daily routine ensures children can eat and sleep as they require following the routines you have developed at home wherever possible. Each baby will be able to enjoy a wide range of toys, music and games all at a level appropriate to their development. We take pride in being able to utilise our fantastic outdoor space, taking our babies out in the buggies for walks to enjoy the beautiful countryside within our setting.
Our baby zone also offers its own food preparation area, nappy room and sleep room. We regularly use the activity play barn and the nursery has it's own outdoor classroom a large farm barn with a variety of activities ensuring outdoor play everyday regardless of the weather.

Progress is monitored and recorded to assess that children are achieving in all areas and are charted in the individual  Learning Journeys. Observations made by staff and photographs of your child's nursery experiences will be added to the Learning Journey folder which will follow your child throughout their time at nursery. The Learning Journey will contain regular progress reports, termly reports written jointly by parents and staff with a record sheet that is completed when a child moves to a new zone of the nursery or leaves Birch Farm. Your child's Leaning Journey is always available for parents to view at our parent consultation sessions each term or other times by request.
We operate  a "WOW" Moment achievement system within nursery setting. This helps to promote good links with children's interests at home and in nursery allowing staff to plan activities ensuring a seamless link. If you wish to add comments to your child's Learning Journey a "WOW" Moment box for you to pop your observations into and this is available in Rabbits or you can [Click Here]to submit "WOW" Moment . 
Whilst observing children we identify their present schema which is an identifiable pattern of learning.  Often children will have one dominant schema throughout their lives, but may engage with others taking them into adulthood. When planning for children  staff will incorporate aspects of their current learning abilities and interest.  Schemas can be supported in all areas of learning,  meaning that they support the Early Years Foundation Stage. If you would like to know more about schemas [Click Here] for more information. 
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Rabbit's staff maintain a daily diary for each child which helps to ensure that you are involved in your child's day at nursery. You are welcome to add your own comments to your child's diary about things you and your child have been doing, these diaries make a lasting record of your child's development for you to keep.
During your child's time in Rabbits a member of staff will be allocated to your child a s a key person.  A key person is a named member of staff who is responsible for a small group of children providing reassurance supporting children's wellbeing, responding sensitively to individual feelings and emotional needs in a safe and caring environment.  The key person also ensures a child's physical needs are met such as changing nappies, feeding and help with dressing.  This person will provide a familiar figure who is accessible and available as a point of contact for parents building effective relationships between child, parent and nursery.
We believe it is very important to maintain a regular team of staff to ensure that the children  can develop a close and secure relationship throughout their day at nursery.  We do not use agency staff but we do ensure that all staff spend time with all children on site through playing in the garden together, birthday gatherings and using each others rooms.

Rabbit's has it's own sleep room with cots. Children may have a sleep when necessary and are checked regularly, as well as a cot alarm system being in operation.
All babies will be weaned in conjunction with yourselves as you are ready.  At Birch Farm we are happy to supply your child's baby milk please advise us of the brand you use. 
We wish the transition from you to us to be as easy as possible.  In order for this to happen please complete an ‘All About Me' prior to your child starting. This will ensure that we are fully informed of your child’s daily routine, likes and dislikes enabling us to establish a caring and happy relationship with each individual baby. 
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To arrange a viewing of the nursery please contact Mini or Nikki .
 If you would like to join us here at Birch Farm you will need to complete a Rabbits registration pack.
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